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Why Concierge Capital

Specialized and Focused

Our practice is limited to securitized real estate offerings with a strong emphasis on DST’s, Opportunity Zone Funds (OZF’s), and custom solutions for larger exchanges.

Independent and Self-Directed

We maintain a comprehensive national inventory of current as well as “pipeline’ DST offerings around the country. We are not constrained to a product list, nor would we recommend any product we don’t endorse based on our own analytics.

Celebrating 20 Years of Industry Experience

We have been serving clients since popularity of the 1031 exchange skyrocketed in 2002 with the advent of Rev. Proc. 2002-22 creating a safe harbor for the tenancy-in-common (TIC) structure which predated the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) more commonly used today. Having participated in over $3 billion of real estate closings has sharpened our underwriting process and earned us perspective that comes only with time.

We’re Knowledgeable Generalists

Extensive legal, tax, financial and real estate expertise equips us with the right tools not only to define your exchange options but also to anticipate and plan for issues collateral to the exchange.

“Concierge” Service

Our organization is ‘boutique’ by design and exclusively referral based. Accordingly, our model is geared to giving you all the time you need. Like concierge doctors, we limit the number of open cases to provide you the best experience possible


We will curate and design a solution for you based on your investment objectives and needs. We add value by constantly screening for the best opportunities across the country and designing solutions to meet your objectives.

We Eat Our Own Cooking

Not only are we engaged in the business, but we also own several DST’s personally as 1031 exchange investors. We feel it makes us better stewards of the trust you place in us, because we know exactly what it feels like to be a DST investor.

Robust Due Diligence Process

As part of our underwriting process, we have developed an internal rating system for DST’s based on quality of sponsor, track record, demographics, market comparables, real estate sector, deal metrics, and business plan.