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Case Studies

Taking Advantage of Multiple Tax Efficiencies. §1031 and §121 (Principal Residence) for Mixed Use Property.

Sarah, 75, owned a 4-plex multi-family rental and lived in one unit as her primary residence. She was getting tired of being a landlord and had some medical issues and wanted to move to a senior living development..

Failed 1031 Exchange with A Happy Ending

Michael and Michelle owned a restaurant in a major city and the building housing the restaurant was a mixed-use property owned by Michael and Michelle in a separate LLC…

Planning for Tough Times Ahead – a Tax-Free Move To” Higher Ground”

Mark owned 3 small hotels in in New York State for over 20 years.  He had inherited them from his father 30 years ago and run them ever since…

Handling an Exchange Where the Seller Has Already Cashed out Much of His Equity Through Refinancing.

The Story.  John had owned a 40-unit multi-family property for many years.  He acquired the property for $1,000,000. ..

Hybrid Solution – Three Objectives Met.

Jan and Dan owned a large fabric showroom in an a very strong suburban corridor.  They also owned several other investment properties all of which except one were partnerships with other..

DST as A Backup Strategy for Your 1031 Exchange 45-Day Deadline

Bill and Amanda started their 1031 exchange with the intention of purchasing two investment condos in Florida.  Their search began to sour as they found the Florida condo market was much more expensive than..

Real Estate Entrepreneur Wants to Protect His Wealth by Diversifying Into Multiple Markets.

John was a lawyer who started buying multifamily real estate in parts of downtown Brooklyn long before the market matured.  During this time, he was single and never felt he had time for a wife and family…

Make Your Equity Generate Cash Flow You Can Live On.

Jack grew up in Suffolk County, New York on a farm. Fortunately, that farm was directly in the path of growth as the suburbs grew after World War II…